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I'm here to show you how life can be adventurous and full of joy when we pursue our passions. With all the tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes sneak peeks into photoshoots & workshops - plus news about online classes - this will be your ultimate resource for unlocking a creative mindset and living an extraordinary journey.


New online education for photographers

I am thrilled to announce my brand new interactive online resource for photographers  – Lola Melani Collective. This is a monthly membership opportunity where I’m inviting photographers to be a part of my maternity, motherhood, and family sessions!! Lola Melani Collective is the manifestation of a dream I have had for years – sharing my complete creative workflow and behind-the-scenes of my creative photoshoots. This new platform allows me to not only share my passion but also interact closely with my online audience. This dream is now a reality!

Lola Melani Collective - education for maternity photographers

For years, I have received requests from photographers to come and just watch me shoot. And now that’s actually possible!  So how does it work?!

Each month, our LM Collective members receive a new behind the scenes episode. Every session brings about new challenges and obstacles to overcome. That means that our members will be receiving new, and exciting educational content every month! 

Each month, I host a LIVE coaching call and open my business up to our Collective students. From marketing strategies to pricing advice – no topic is off the table! We pull back the curtain on what it takes to run this photography studio so you can get a peek inside all that goes into successful entrepreneurship!

Whether you’re looking to learn new photography skills, hone your craft, elevate your business, or just want to get inspired – there is something here for everyone!

What makes the Collective different from other photography education sources available online?

The basic difference of what makes the Collective unique is the format.  I wanted to share the authentic photo shoot process with videos that are informative, yet not scripted and edited into a perfectly polished educational tutorial. What I created are relatable and fun video tutorials that show the reality of the creative process – from developing important chemistry with clients to what it takes to get “the shot”.

You will see first-hand how I decide on the “perfect” shot as well as the mistakes and gaffes it took for me to get there.  

Unlike other photography educators, I show every single RAW file that I take during my sets.  I believe it is very helpful for photographers to see the SOOC images, including test shots, so that they gain the confidence that they, too, can recreate the same lighting and get similar results straight out of camera. 

This is what sets the Collective apart from all other online photography education sources.

How is the Collective different from the Online Courses?

Lola Melani Academy online courses include a certain limited amount of videos and setups.  Lola Melani Collective is a continually growing library of educational content where current members have access to all past episodes as well as future episodes. PLUS, one of the premium benefits is that members have the opportunity to ask questions about the featured episode and get my guidance during our monthly coaching call.



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