Timeless Maternity Portraits

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Lola Melani Collective Episode 6

Creating timeless maternity photos takes more than just pointing and shooting—it takes creativity, skill, preparation, technique, and knowledge of basic principles like styling, lighting techniques, and composition rules. By combining all these elements together properly, anyone can create amazing works of art that will stand out from the crowd and resonate with viewers long after they have put down their camera or looked away from their screen!

After 12 years apart, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a good friend while taking photos. It was incredibly meaningful to capture her new beginnings after originally photographing her way back when my photography journey began – being somewhat inexperienced and still learning how to use lighting effectively! All in all, it easily ranks as one of the best photoshoots ever for me.

I’m excited to share with you one of my recent studio maternity photoshoots so that you can add some new studio techniques to your repertoire. In this video tutorial, you will learn several of my favorite studio lighting variations that are a must for a classic maternity photoshoot. I will demonstrate how to drape fabric, how to pose, and how to transform a RAW file into a stunning photograph. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have all the tools you need to create beautiful maternity photos in your own studio.

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