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Styling is an essential part of the perfect motherhood photography sessiont, so it’s important to plan ahead! That way on photo day mom can focus solely on her baby and not have to worry about anything else. I suggest supplying some wardrobe pieces at your studio for added convenience in case clients didn’t bring enough options with them – that’ll make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Styling Ideas for Motherhood Session, mommy and me photography tips

Timeless and minimalist styling for photoshoots

When it comes to styling, I’m all about classic pieces that never go out of style! Forget trends and logos – my goal is to create timeless fashion-inspired portraits that will live on forever. You don’t have break the bank either; you can use a piece of inexpensive fabric and still get an amazing look when put in front of the camera. It’s not always about how expensive something looks – what matters most is getting your model looking her best with colors & styles that compliment her personality, complexion & body shape just right!

For mommy and me sessions, I’m all about simple but fabulous finds. To make sure that my clients have an amazing time in the studio, I provide them with a few on-site options plus some fabric to create something unique! What’s more? Sharing a couple of my favorite wardrobe pieces for these types of photoshoots is always fun – let’s go through them together now!


Bodysuits are the perfect mix of sultry and stylish! They hug your curves to highlight them in all their glory, while still creating an elegant silhouette. Perfect for those who want just a hint of skin peeking through – bodysuits really know how to make a statement!

Motherhood photography session what to wear tips, bodysuit, motherhood session styling

Oversized cotton or linen shirt

For my motherhood portrait sessions, I always love opting for a breezy white linen blouse or an off-the-shoulder dress. This timeless yet chic look really gives the photos that extra touch of laidback elegance.

Motherhood photography session what to wear tips, linen dress, motherhood session styling


When it comes to casual motherhood and family photography, jeans are a must-have. For those looking for style inspiration from the likes of Calvin Klein – think straight leg or relaxed fit with added destruction details; these will look amazing in photographs and stay comfortable when you are posing your clients on the floor!

Motherhood photography session what to wear tips, jeans, motherhood session styling, denim

Black dress or gown

Create a timeless look that will never go out of fashion! Impress your clients with classic black pieces like fitted gowns, blazers, and pants. Your client’s portraits are sure to remain as elegant on their walls today as they will for years going forward.

Motherhood photography session what to wear tips, black dress, motherhood session styling

Combining outfits with fabric

If you’re looking to stand out in your next photoshoot, why not mix it up with a store bought top and some fabric bottoms? These designs create an eye-catching style that won’t be seen anywhere else. Take a look at the images below – these unique fashion editorials were made by combining tops from Zara and humble cotton sheets!

Fabric draping

Craving a custom-made look for a motherhood session that’s truly one of a kind? Draping fabric is an easy and convenient way to make your fashion dreams come true! From lightweight chiffons for airy, flowy styles, to heavier cottons or taffetas for more structured pieces – the options are endless. And if you’re looking for something sheer with subtle detail work – organza or lace could be just what you need. So grab some yards from a fabric store and get ready to create those incredible outfits!

Motherhood photography session what to wear tips, silk draping, motherhood session styling

What to learn more? Unlock the secrets of fashion design with The Art of Draping course for photographers! From affordable fabrics to stunning wardrobe pieces, I’m here to show you how create unique looks for your clients without breaking the bank. Come join me and learn my exclusive draping tips that’ll make every photo pop.



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