Tips for Minimalist Maternity Photography

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If you’re looking to add some elegant minimalism to your maternity photography, then this blog is for you! Minimalistic portraiture offers an understated, simple look that doesn’t overpower the beauty of the subject. Let’s take a look at some tips for shooting minimalist maternity portraits.

Tips for shooting minimalist maternity portraits - maternity photography


When it comes to styling for minimalist maternity portraits, less is definitely more. Aim for pieces that are understated and not overly dramatic. Go with a simple black dress and flared trousers for a timeless look! Even though nude shots can be gorgeous too; if you prefer something more fitting lightly show off a formfitting bodycon dress, jeans, or an oversized shirt. Plus don’t forget fabric draping as this totally amps up any minimalist look!

How to take simple maternity photos - studio maternity photography - simple and elegant styling by Lola Melani

Types of Lighting for Minimalist Maternity Photography

My approach to creating minimalist maternity portraits is inspired by the same “less is more” concept – I enjoy working with elegant and timeless images that will remain relevant for many decades. Simple studio setups are an excellent tool to express something simple yet powerful in this type of photography, which is why it has become one of my favorite lighting techniques for photographing expectant mothers .

Feathered portrait light

One of my favorite one-light technique for maternity portraits is feathered light. I angle my light box at 45 degrees and position it to the side of my model, resulting in an even spread, beautifully soft look with subtle shadows.

one light studio maternity photography - tips for simplistic pregnancy photos


is a great way to achieve dramatic yet beautiful shots. It creates an effortless, yet dramatic effect that’s great for minimalist shots. Have your subject stand against a large soft box or bounce your strobe off of nearby walls and soften with sheer curtains or scrims – perfect for maternity silhouettes.

using backlight in studio maternity photography

Rim light

If you’re looking for a way to invigorate your maternity photography, rim light should be high up on the list. Rim lighting photography is a great way to add drama and WOW factor to your minimalistic photos! With one light and black backdrop, you can take beautiful maternity silhouettes.

rim light in studio maternity photography by Lola Melani

Use Simple Props

I love using minimum to no props in my portraiture. Not to take away from the beautiful maternity subject.  If you find that your photos aren’t standing out enough, a few props to the mix! Incorporate some timeless pieces that won’t distract from what’s truly important – your subject. For starters, try adding an eye-catching hat or statement accessory and let the compliments pour in! Or arrange flowers around them for subtle yet impactful effect. The possibilities with props are endless so get creative!

Using props in maternity photoshoot

Use Plain Backgrounds

When shooting minimalist maternity portraits, go simple! Avoid busy backgrounds with lots of details that can be distracting from the main subject in your photograph. For maximum impact in your minimalist photography style, go for classic whites or grays to create a clean and timeless look. If you want to capture something more moody and give your images a fine-art look, opt for pure black backdrops.

photograph maternity on seamless background

Convert Your Photos to Black & White

Unlock the artistry of simplicity maternity photography by converting your photos to black and white! Without colorful distractions, everything in your image becomes so much more powerful. You can create deep emotional depth with b&w images that captures textures and details which may be overlooked on color shots. Whether you shoot directly in monochrome or convert them later – both methods offer great results allowing for precise control over tonal values when it comes time to edit. With a single focused story being told through the photo there’s no better way to bring out those intense feelings than going simple yet bold: choose black & white!

converting images to b&w for a timeless effect - maternity photography by Lola Melani


So, if you’re looking for a creative and thrilling photography style to explore – why not try minimalist maternity shots? You don’t need fancy equipment or an elaborate backdrop. All it takes is some inspiring experimentation and voila – stunningly simple snaps are ready to share! Whether you opt for natural or artificial light sources, playing around with different backdrops and props for added interest should give you some amazing images worthy of framing!

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