Add a fashion flare to your maternity portraits with Lola Melani’s signature lighting set ups and creative styling techniques. In this course, you will learn simple and fun ways to find inspiration and apply them into your daily work flow.

Lola will break down each set of portraits and teach you how to create images that are timeless and polished. This course will help you bring your creative ideas to life and take your maternity work to whole new level.


Fashion Inspired Maternity

A complete list of all gear used, 

Lighting diagrams for you to recreate the light









15 videos

2 hours

Photoshoots included

Lighting used - strobe & natural

Full Editing of 2 images included

List of gear used

- Felicia Schutte

"My work and world developed to an unimaginable level since investing into your teachings."

This course itself feels like a fashion reportage, it is highly educative as well as entertaining and it’s certainly enticing you to create you very own fashion style portraits for your clients. Once again Lola’s course is exemplary being comprehensive, step by step and hands on, easy to follow, content rich, full of diversity – all laid out for you to pick up instantly. I am grateful beyond you made this course, thank you Lola.



A complete list of all gear used and a PDF full of lighting diagrams to help you recreate the set ups.

Very inspiring course. Watching Lola take her inspirations from unexpected elements and applying them in her work is mind-blowing! I learned some amazing lighting tricks and I cant wait to try them with my clients.

- Liuba K

You follow Lola being in her fullest element, creating effortlessly high fashion imagery for every day clients with simplest fabrics or outfits – super easy and affordable. She shares all her steps from initial inspiration, where to find inspiration and how to make it your own plus you get shopping and styling tips. You see her create sets with a big variety of easy to replicate matching light setups, explaining color schemes, styling, posing, how she creates a certain vibe or expression by directing the client and fine tuning her vision by adjusting and making tiny changes for utmost impact of the final image. 

- Felicia Schutte

This Fashion course goes over posing, lighting, styling, camera/lens, settings, editing, resources, and how to find your inspirations and bring them to life. I love that you can go back to these courses and review them over and over. One of my favorite things is that they are broken up into segments so that you can focus on one style at a time to let that soak in before moving on to the next. 

-Tracy Arredondo

I'm delighted with this online course. It's beyond what I expected. I learnt a lot of preproduction, styling, light and most importantly I learnt how to find inspiration from the fashion world. Thank you so much Lola, it's worth every penny that I invested in it.

-Yamilet V.