Join Lola in this exclusive course as she demonstrates how to capture the strength, fearlessness, and beauty of motherhood.

In this course you will learn how to artistically use daylight, strobes and incorporate the resources you already have to create timeless and unique portraits your clients will love.

Language - English


The Art of Motherhood Photography

 Lighting diagrams to help you recreate the light









21 videos

4 hours

Photoshoots included

Lighting used - strobe & natural

Full Editing of 10 images included

Lighting diagrams

- Carolyn Fox

"Feeling so inspired!"

Your setups are simple and eloquent and the course is very easy to follow and learn from! I love how your describe your lighting setups, and your step by step editing videos are great as well! Cannot wait to put what you've taught me to use on my next maternity and motherhood sessions!



PDF full of lighting diagrams to help you recreate the set ups.



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I love the videos, so much information and the lighting diagrams are the best, I already printed them!

- Glenda T.

This course isn't just for the Photographer who specializes in Maternity or Mother's/Babies; this course is for EVERY photographer! It's brilliant and I love it! The videos are short, to the point and easy to follow showing you Lola's lighting techniques and editing flow on how to achieve her gorgeous, signature images! I highly recommend 'The Art of Motherhood Photography' to all photographer's in any genre of studio photography, it will only help take your business and creative flow to the next level! x

- Tarra Wynd

I bought your videos as soon as they where available. I am so incredible thankful for having be able to do so. We are very lucky to learn from you Lola. It is incredible helpful in many ways, lighting setups, posing with mum and baby, pregnancy, playing with fabrics. Absolutely a must!

- Yolanda Fae

I love every video and they are so worth your time and money. Lola is such a gifted teacher! So grateful she's sharing the whole backstage process of creating stunning images with us (photoshoots, edits, even Lighting diagrams!). It definitely will take my studio sessions to the next level. Highly recommend The Art of Motherhood Photography to any photographer at any stage in their journey! Thank you, Lola!

- Liliya L.


I purchased "The Art of Motherhood" recently, and I have to say, if you're thinking about it, just do it! Its AMAZING. My goal this year is to focus more on glamour and timeless portraits for my clients. Thank you so much for inspiring me and pushing me forward Lola!

- Michelle Mojica

Seriously! Lola Melani created this amazing course that covers everything that we, photographers, ever wanted to know about this amazing genre! Posing, lighting, styling, the way that we should be communicating with our clients while getting their best portrait that was ever taking of them and their precious child. It's all there! Can't be thankful enough for this amazing chance to learn online and in such a convenient way! 100% recommend!!!

- Anastasia K.